The media company has joined the Diversity Charter, an initiative promoted by Fundación Diversidad and the European Commission that shows Atresmedia’s commitment to inclusion and diversity in the workplace. With this signature, the audiovisual group commits to promoting equal opportunities and fighting against any discrimination including: age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion and disability. Moreover, the company is engaged in the promotion of diversity and the development of an inclusive workplace where people’s differences are respected and positively valued.

Atresmedia Corporate General Director, Patricia Perez, has sealed this agreement with the President of Fundación Diversidad, María Eugenia Girón, during an institutional act celebrated this Wednesday in Atresmedia. The act has also counted on the presence of Lucio Fernández, Atresmedia’s HR Director and Susana Gato, Head of Sustainability.

Peréz, has expressed that “Atresmedia is committed to equality, diversity, inclusion and the respect of all people. A commitment that we show both internally and externally through the content we broadcast and the visibility of social diversity. We are aligned with the principles promoted by the Diversity Charter and, thanks to the European Diversity Month we have a chance to share and get to know good practices, and, above all, to continue promoting diversity and inclusion in our company”

On her side, Girón has expressed her gratitude to Atresmedia for joining the European Diversity Month and the Diversity Charter: “The participation of Atresmedia in these initiatives is an important step to raise awareness and communicate the values of diversity and inclusion in the business industry. Fundación Diversidda celebrates Atresmedia’s commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion within its organization, and through the creation of content and innovative tv shows that reflect the importance of creating a more just and equal society”


1.To raise awareness of the principles of equal opportunities and respect to diversity that must be part of the company’s values and spread among the employees.

2. To progress towards the creation of an inclusive workforce: the company must promote the integration of people of diverse profiles (regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, age, disability, etc.).

3. To promote inclusion: integration must be effective, avoiding any type of direct or indirect discrimination in the workplace.

4. To include diversity in every people management policy: diversity management should not be just another human resources practice, but an essential factor that lies in the base of every decision taken in this area.

5. To promote balance between work, family and leisure time: organization should stablish mechanisms that allow for a work-life balance for all employees.

6.To acknowledge the diversity of clients: organizations must learn their client’s profile, acknowledging that their diversity is also a source of innovation and development.

7.To extend and communicate this commitment to employees: the commitment of signing the Diversity Charter should be share between all the parts of the company.

8.To extend and communicate this commitment to vendor companies: inviting them to join the community of Spanish companies that voluntarily commit to promoting the Charter.

9.To extend and communicate this commitment to administrations, business organizations, unions and other social agents.

10.To reflect activities in support of non-discrimination, as well as the results obtained from the implementation of diversity policies in the company’s annual report.

In addition, for the first time, Atresmedia will be an official partner of the European Diversity Month, #EUDiversityMonth, an initiative that is celebrated in 26 countries of the European Union, promoted by the European Commission and which the group will offer wide dissemination. Likewise, Cristina Villanueva, presenter of laSexta Noticias, will moderate the board of directors and directives "How to adapt the skills of people to the needs of the labor market in the current context?" in this event, which will take place on May 22 at the European Commission Representation Headquarters in Barcelona.

This signature reinforces the commitment that Atresmedia has shown up to diversity, equality and inclusion with projects such as Becas Capaz, inclusive selection processes, disability awareness days, corporate volunteering or the signing of the agreement with the Government Delegation against Gender Violence to promote awareness: 'Companies for a society free of gender violence'.

With initiatives like this, Atresmedia continues to invest in the diversity and accessibility of its staff and content, contributing to the construction of a more inclusive society